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Career Area: Information Technology
Associate Degree
Program Number: 10-152-7
Offered Completely Online
Approximately 2 Years to Complete
Credit Program
Average Annual Tuition: $4230

IT - Web and Software Developer Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

Web Administrator
Web Designer
Web Developer

Average Median Wage


IT - Web and Software Developer Programs

Web designers and developers play a significant role in making the world wide web the intricate network of information that it is today and will be well into the future. But, it's more than just "surfing the net." For instance, the Web page that you're viewing was created using software and programming skills. Pages are created using Web design software and then formatted in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Much of a Web professional's work is technical, however, creativity and proficiency in the visual arts are also elements of many positions. If you're: creative/imaginative, detail-oriented, people-focused, interested in working with computers and technology, excited about being part of one of the fastest growing occupations in the nation--a career as a Web developer and designer is an excellent option for you!

IT - Web and Software Developer Part of a Career Pathway Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Program
Lakeshore IT - Web and Software Developer at Lakeshore
Milwaukee Area IT - Web and Software Developer at Milwaukee Area
Northwood Tech Web and Software Developer at Northwood Tech
Waukesha County IT - Web and Software Developer at Waukesha County
Western 10-152-7 at Western