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You have a lot going on in your life. Between classes, studying, work and family responsibilities, you need classes that will matter and you can make time for, even if it's on evenings or weekends. There are many ways our colleges make learning possible for even the busiest students.

  • Accelerated options - courses that can be completed in weeks, not months, with staggered starting dates.
  • Fully online or hybrid courses - hybrid may include some online learning and some in-person classroom or lab time.
  • Programs or certificates that may be completed entirely in an online setting.
  • Telecourses (pre-recorded) or computer-based learning provide additional methods of fitting class time in around your schedule.
  • Dual credit allows qualifying high school students take both high school and college courses at the same time.
  • Higher education partnerships with private/public colleges and universities give students more options to complete a four-year degree on time and without having to repeat courses or credits. These partnerships, or transfer agreements, save students time and money.

It is also important to note the same expert instructors teach face-to-face and online. Their credentials are the same, no matter the format, and they are all experts in the field, dedicated to their students' success. All students benefit from the real-world experience of the instructor.

Student support is available for all students no matter what the format of the classes, and the cost of tuition is the same no matter how the content is delivered. You will have a dedicated advisor throughout your enrollment to ensure you have support throughout your journey.

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Accelerated Options

Wisconsin's technical colleges provide accelerated learning options as well as staggered start dates so students can begin - and complete - their journey on their own timeline.

Bootcamps are another delivery method that might give students a jump start in a career. Welding, for example, might offer intense class schedules for a few weeks to teach the most important skills. This way employers who need additional skilled employees can hire them without waiting months or years.

Programs Offered Entirely Online

If you work full-time (or multiple part-time jobs), or do not live close to a campus and prefer to complete your courses as your schedule allows, or simply want more flexibility with your scheduling, there are many programs or certificates you can take entirely online. Many programs also have hybrid classes, where the time is split between online and in-person courses. See a listing of all the certificates offered with an online option


Degree / Diploma Programs Offered with an Online Option
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Dual Credit

Dual credit allows qualifying high school students to begin taking college courses while in high school, to count toward both high school and the college degrees.

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Balancing College with Other Responsibilities

No matter what your situation, you are not alone. Some students may find they need flexible scheduling options and non-traditional paths to complete their courses. Our technical colleges work with you to offer the best possible experience in your desired structure.

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