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Student Complaints

Students who attend a college that is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) can file complaints at the System level in three categories defined by the U. S. Department of Education, including complaints that:

  • allege violations of Wisconsin consumer protection laws, including but not limited to false advertising
  • allege violations of Wisconsin laws related to the licensure of postsecondary institutions; or
  • relate to the quality of education or other State or accreditation requirements.

A student who reasonably believes that a violation has occurred in one or more of these categories may submit a complaint to WTCS, but should do so only after attempting to resolve the matter through applicable college appeals or complaints processes.

Complaints must be verified by the student and submitted on the official Student Complaint Form below within one year from the date of the alleged violation or the last recorded date of attendance, whichever is later.

By verifying and submitting a complaint form, you consent to WTCS and the college's disclosure of any protected or confidential information that may be needed to review, investigate and resolve your complaint, including referring complaints to another organization with jurisdiction and authority over the issue. You also agree to provide requested information and respond to questions about the complaint. Failure to provide requested information or respond to questions about the complaint may result in the WTCS dismissing the complaint.

If you have have additional documents to support your complaint, they must be sent to and clearly state the student's name or reference the complaint they support.

Notice: Under the Wisconsin Public Records Law, Wis. Stats., Ch. 19, any record or document that is part of the complaint review may be subject to disclosure upon request by a member of the public upon conclusion of WTCS action on the complaint, unless specifically exempt under law.

For more information contact or call (608) 266-2302.

Use this STUDENT COMPLAINT FORM to submit your complaint.