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Career Area: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Associate Degree
Program Number: 10-091-1
Approximately 2 Years to Complete
Credit Program
Average Annual Tuition: $4230
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Veterinary Technician Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

Certified Veterinary Technician
Animal Technician
Veterinary Technician
Herd Manager

Average Median Wage


Veterinary Technician Programs

Students learn the skills and procedures to effectively contribute to the health and well being of veterinary patients. Veterinary technicians, while always working under the supervision of a veterinarian, provide many services. Routine duties include restraint of animals, sample collection, nursing care (IV catheter placement, bandage application, medication administration, etc.), feeding of animals, record keeping, office procedures, and client education and communication. Other skills include administration of anesthesia, surgical nursing, radiographic procedures, dental prophylaxis, clinical pathology procedures and medication preparation.

Veterinary Technician Part of a Career Pathway Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Program
Fox Valley Veterinary Technian at Fox Valley
Gateway Veterinary Technician at Gateway
Madison College Veterinary Technician at Madison College
Northcentral Veterinary Technician at Northcentral
Northwood Tech Veterinary Technician at Northwood Tech