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Career Area: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Local Certificate
Program Number: 99-999-9
Time to Completion Varies
Non-Credit Program
traffic safety

Wisconsin Technical College Traffic Safety Courses - Department of Transportation (DOT) Programs

If you have a court order to enroll in a traffic safety course, there are a number of options available at the Wisconsin Technical Colleges. Traffic Safety, Group Dynamics and Mulitple Offender courses are offered face-to-face and are held at the Wisconsin technical college in your district. There are no online options for this course. Online third-party courses are not accepted. Required courses may include: 

  • Traffic Safety: This points-reduction course reviews basic safe defensive driving concepts and is open to anyone.
  • Group Dynamics: Offered to drivers who have been convicted of a first-time operating while intoxicated (OWI) charge.
  • Multiple Offender: May be ordered for drivers who have been convicted of a second OWI charge.

Course expectations: 

  • Registration: Participants must register and pay course feel within three business days of alcohol assessment.
  • Attendance: Participants must attend all 21 course hours. 
  • Abstinence and sobriety: Course participants must abstain from alcoholic beverages and other drugs (not including prescription drugs). Anyone who uses alcohol/drugs prior to the class meeting will not be allowed to participate. The participant will be referred back to the assessment agency for further evaluation. 

Please refer to the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Traffic Safety Course page for more information.