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Career Area: Finance
Pathway Certificate
Program Number: 61-101-2
Offered Completely Online
Credit Program

Tax Preparer Assistant Careers

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Accounting Assistant
Tax Assistant
Tax Preparer

Wisconsin Technical College Tax Preparer Assistant Programs

Prepare tax returns for individuals or small businesses. As a student in the Tax Preparer Assistant Certificate, you will learn to conduct tax interviews, use appropriate tax adjustments, and prepare simple or complex tax returns.

Career Pathway

Credits earned in the Tax Preparer Pathway Certificate may be applied toward the one-year Accounting Assistant Technical Diploma and the Accounting Associate Degree.

Curriculum shown is for students entering the program. Current students should see their advisor as curriculum/courses shown here may not represent courses needed for currently enrolled students.

Tax Preparer Assistant Pathway Certificate
Moraine Park Tax Preparer Assistant at Moraine Park
Northwood Tech Tax Preparer Assistant at Northwood Tech
Southwest Tax Preparer Assistant at Southwest