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Career Area: Business, Management and Administration
Technical Diploma
Program Number: 30-196-7
Offered Completely Online
Approximately Less Than 1 Year to Complete
Credit Program
Project Management with flow charts

Project Management Careers

  • Perfect career for those who love to plan projects and manage the details to make them successful.
  • Project management skills are highly valued in any type of organization, in any industry.
  • Grow your teamwork and communication skills into a rewarding career.
Everyone practices project management to some degree, but, in business, project management is an art, a specialized skill set, and a rewarding career.

Project Management Programs

Project Management prepares students to successfully lead a project toward completion. Graduates are prepared to lead both teams and individuals toward a common goal and effectively use problem solving, budgeting, technology and math skills, and effective communication. Through hands-on projects, you will learn how to manage and develop teams while practicing problem-solving analysis to effectively lead teams toward goal or project completion.

Project Management Part of a Career Pathway Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Program
Mid-State Project Management (short-term diploma) at Mid-State