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Career Area: Architecture and Construction
Program Number: 50-423-0
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Millwright - Pipefitter Careers

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The Millwright - Pipefitter apprenticeship program is two years in length and designed for companies/apprentices that would like to have dual apprenticeship in Millwright and Pipefitter. The apprentice must first complete either a Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright or a Pipefitter apprenticeship program and then take two years of the opposite trade for a total of 6 years.

This is a "ladder" option for students who have previously completed the first 4 years of either the existing Maintenance Mechanic/Millwright (50-423-1) or the Pipefitting (50-435-1) apprenticeship program. Completion of the additional 2 years of Millwright - Pipefitter (50-423-3) apprentice earns the graduate a dual trade apprenticeship.

Wisconsin Technical College Millwright - Pipefitter Programs

Millwright - Pipefitter
Northcentral Millwright Apprenticeship at Northcentral