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Career Area: Information Technology
Technical Diploma
Program Number: 11-151-1
Offered Completely Online
Credit Program
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Cybersecurity Analyst classroom

IT - Cybersecurity Analyst Careers

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Cybersecurity Analyst

Cyber Crime Analyst

Cybersecurity Specialist

IT - Cybersecurity Analyst Programs

Cybersecurity professionals are the first line of defense against the digital dangers that threaten business technology and systems. This rapidly growing field needs qualified, well-trained candidates. CVTC’s IT - Cybersecurity Analyst advanced technical certificate is designed to teach you the technical knowledge to address the evolving world of cybersecurity challenges.

If you have previous professional experience in IT, this flexible, one-year program allows you to take classes and add to your skillset while still working. Our experienced instructors will give you hands-on lessons in security testing, response, and enhancement to help you develop the job-ready skills to defend against cybercrime.

Explore how to safeguard digital files and electronic infrastructure, respond to computer security breaches, and best practices for mitigating the vulnerability in an organization. Companies need cybersecurity specialists and analysts to ensure their future safety. Are you ready to take the next step?

What Is an advanced technical certificate?
A new offering to CVTC, an advanced technical certificate, or ATC, is an extension or continuation of an associate or higher degree program. Students who have already completed an applicable degree and/or working experience in a designated industry and are looking for additional specialized education to support their career goals can apply to an ATC program. Courses in these certificates are designed to build upon the previous educational and work experience of students to advance them to the next level in their industry.

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