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Career Area: Law, Public Safety and Security
Associate Degree
Program Number: 10-503-2
Offered Completely Online
Approximately 2 Years to Complete
Credit Program
Average Annual Tuition: $4230

Fire Protection Technician Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

Fire Protection Technician
Firefighter/First Responder
Reserve Firefighter

Average Median Wage


Fire Protection Technician Programs

The constant changes and growing complexities of modern living and the environment are creating a demand for college-trained people in the fire-service field. Opportunities for graduates exist with municipal fire departments, insurance and government agencies, and in the field of industrial safety. This program of study is designed to meet the needs of personnel currently employed in fire service positions and those desiring preparation for employment. Classes should be taken in the sequence listed.

Shared programs give students access to career majors that might not otherwise be available at their local college. Where these career fields are in high demand, two or more colleges may agree to share program components at the individual colleges. Because the colleges are collaborating, students may need to attend certain classes at another college to fulfill the program requirements. For more information please contact one of the colleges listed.