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Career Area: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Program Number: 50-412-0
Credit Program
Most credit programs are eligible for financial aid, while most non-credit certificates provide valuable work-related skills on a short timeline. Check with the college offering the program to determine if it is eligible for financial aid.
Diesel Technician Apprenticeship


Diesel Technician apprentices diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul buses and trucks, or maintain and repair any type of diesel engines.
Learners will use troubleshooting techniques to make a quick and accurate diagnosis of problems, and make necessary adjustments and repairs. Topics will include diesel engines, suspension and steering, preventative maintenance and electrical and electronic systems. This program ladders fully into the Diesel Technology Associate Degree program.

You must be employed by a company/organization that is willing to participate in an apprenticeship program. Each employer has their own requirements for entry into the apprenticeship program. Contact your employer’s human resources department to see what is available.

Wisconsin Technical College Diesel Technician Apprenticeship Programs

Diesel Technician Apprenticeship
Northcentral Diesel Technician Apprenticeship at Northcentral