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Career Area: Human Services
Local Certificate
Offered Completely Online
Credit Program

Counseling Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this certificate:

  • Hospice Advocate
  • Domestic Abuse Advocate
  • Residential Care Assistant in Mental Health
  • Residential Care Assistant in Developmental Disabilities
  • Youth Shelter Home Technician
  • Crisis Technician

Wisconsin Technical College Counseling Programs

The Counseling Certificate has been developed for individuals in programs that rely heavily on human behavioral and communication skills. Provides learners with fundamental skills in interviewing, communicating, and building rapport and trusting relationships for professions where this is key. Equips learners for careers that work with the public. It can also be a valuable add-on for advanced skills with law enforcement, medical, health care, business, marketing, and customer service. Potential occupations include: Crisis Technicians, Residential Care Assistants in Mental Health, Residential Care Assistants in Developmental Disabilities, Youth Shelter Home Technicians, Hospice Advocates, and Domestic Abuse Advocates.

Counseling Pathway Certificate
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