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Career Area: Manufacturing
Technical Diploma
Program Number: 30-623-9
Credit Program
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Automated Manufacturing Technician Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

Continuous Improvement Technician 
Quality Assurance Technician 
Process Engineering Technician 
Manufacturing Engineering Technician 
CNC Programmer 
Robotics and Material-Handling Technician 
Industrial Engineering Technician

Automated Manufacturing Technician Programs

Moraine Park’s Automated Manufacturing Technician program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills to the identification and resolution of production problems in the manufacture of products. Includes instruction in machine operations, production line operations, engineering analysis, systems analysis, instrumentation, physical controls, automation, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and manufacturing planning.

Moraine Park’s Automated Manufacturing Technician program teaches students the principles of advanced manufacturing and quality. Students are trained in print reading, design skills, measurement skills, and Statistical Process Control knowledge. They also learn basic skills related to automation, including electrical concepts, pneumatics and hydraulics concepts, robotic programming concepts, and programmable logic controller concepts.

All courses in this diploma can be applied to an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Quality and Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 

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