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Career Area: Education and Training
Local Certificate
Program Number: 40-522-CC
Credit Program
Most credit programs are eligible for financial aid, while most non-credit certificates provide valuable work-related skills on a short timeline. Check with the college offering the program to determine if it is eligible for financial aid.

Wisconsin Technical College Autism for Educators Programs

Learn characteristics, strategies and techniques to promote educational and social success in individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This certificate is designed for educators and paraprofessionals interested in learning how to support individuals with ASD in classroom settings.

This class is offered in a mix of hybrid and online classes.

Gaining a foundational understanding of the causes and characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Learn specialized training in response to intervention and applied behavior analysis.
Quickly and effectively learn how to best support children with autism in the classroom.
Credits from this short-term certificate program may be applied toward the Autism Technician technical diploma and the Foundations of Teacher Education associate degree.

Autism for Educators Pathway Certificate Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Certificate
Waukesha County Autism for Educators at Waukesha County