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Career Area: Associate of Arts and Science Degrees
Associate of Arts & Science
Program Number: 20-800-1
Offered Completely Online
Approximately 2 Years to Complete
Credit Program
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Associate of Arts Programs

The Associate in Arts program serves students who wish to earn an associate in arts or associate in science degree and/or who wish to gain college credits for transfer. The liberal arts program provides students with an excellent foundation for continuing experience in higher education. Through inquiry, observation, and analysis, students gain knowledge and skills in the arts and sciences, which enable them to broaden their perspective, increase problem solving skills, and express themselves effectively in both writing and speaking. Students take courses within a core curriculum emphasizing either arts or sciences based on their individual educational goals. Includes: sciences, mathematics and computer science, history and philosophy, social sciences, languages and literature, health and wellness and performing arts.

If you have a particular four-year institution in mind, it is important that you verify the transferability of credits to that college for graduation and for your major.

Associate of Arts Part of a Career Pathway Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Program
Madison College Associate of Arts at Madison College
Mid-State Associate of Arts at Mid-State
Milwaukee Area Associate of Arts at Milwaukee Area
Nicolet College Associate of Arts at Nicolet College
Northcentral Associate of Arts at Northcentral
Northwood Tech Associate of Arts at Northwood Tech
Southwest Associate of Arts at Southwest