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System-wide Equity Report

The Wisconsin Technical College System provides open-access educational opportunities for all Wisconsin residents and a reliable talent pipeline for employers.

For these connections to thrive, students need not only access to our colleges, but also equitable opportunities to achieve success. Closing opportunity gaps has emerged as an economic imperative for Wisconsin. WTCS is actively engaged in an aligned, accelerated and System-wide approach to addressing these gaps and improving success for all students.

The 2021 WTCS System-wide Equity Report identifies existing gaps in access and success for our students, as well as staff. With support and resources provided by the System-wide DEI Committee and System and college leaders since release of the 2018 WTCS Equity Report, noteworthy strides have been made to answer these questions, and to foster a culture of equity and inclusion.

The 2018 report did not set benchmarks and as a result, this report is not a longitudinal analysis of changes in specific data points since 2018. Such an approach would – among other challenges – perpetuate omission of data for additional populations of interest, such as Adult Education students.

Instead, this 2021 report addresses the questions posed in the 2018 report and details progress made in advancing the 2018 goals, both noted above. It also frames persistent barriers to advancing equity for both technical college students and staff. Engaging campus leadership, including a diverse faculty, plays an important role in achieving inclusive institutions.

Read or download the 2021 WTCS System-Wide Equity Report via the link below.