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System-wide Equity Report

The Wisconsin Technical College System provides open-access educational opportunities for all Wisconsin residents and a reliable talent pipeline for employers.

For these connections to thrive, students need not only access to our colleges, but also equitable opportunities to achieve success. Closing opportunity gaps has emerged as an economic imperative for Wisconsin. WTCS is actively engaged in an aligned, accelerated and System-wide approach to addressing these gaps and improving success for all students.

This report identifies existing gaps in access and success for our students, as well as staff, and sets three goals to advance equity and inclusion System-wide.

Read the report online here or download using the link below.

Wisconsin technical colleges help increase the postsecondary attainment rate for people of color.
Projected changes in the racial diversity of Wisconsin from 2018-2019
White -0.4%
Black 2.5%
Native American 3.3%
Asian 13%
Multiracial 11.9%
Hispanic 10.4%
Minority 7.94%