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2024 WTCS Ambassador Registration

We hope that you are in the process of selecting your 2024 WTCS Ambassador, and to select a student who:

  • is able to make a firm commitment to participate in-person, arriving by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, finishing around noon on Friday, April 19, 2024; and,
  • preferably will not be graduating in May 2024.

 To support your efforts, please read the following carefully:

 Scholarship Amount

  • We’re excited that the scholarship will remain at $1,250 again for 2024.
  • Please feel free to promote the scholarship to generate interest on the part of students.

 2024 WTCS Ambassador Selection, Registration

  • Please have your Ambassador selected and registered with us no later than March 1, 2024. (If you have their information, earlier registration is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated.)
  • When selected, register your Ambassador.
  • The information submitted is critical for ordering awards, Website recognition, making hotel reservations and for communicating with the Ambassadors.
  • Your submission should include at least one professional, print-resolution headshot of your Ambassador (at least 5” x 7”, portrait orientation, full color, 300 dpi minimum) which should be uploaded to Dropbox, please contact if you have any questions regarding image submission.
  • To receive a scholarship, 2024 WTCS Ambassadors must complete and submit, in a timely manner, a W-9 using Adobe Sign; this will be sent directly to Ambassadors from Julie Drake via Adobe Sign upon you registering them.

2024 WTCS Cvent Registration - for Leadership Development & Banquet (two separate sites) NOW OPEN!

These registration sites include all information for the event, including how to make your hotel reservations (all rooms will be released on March 16, 2024.) Julie will make hotel reservations and pay for hotel rooms for Ambassadors only for Wednesday and Thursday nights, which are Baird funded.

Ambassador Position Description 

  • Intended to promote role awareness and demystify expectations.
  • Does NOT include duties and expectations the college may have, apart from the Ambassador’s role at the System level.
  • Additional information on the WTCS Ambassador Program is available for coordinators and prospective Ambassadors.

When you have selected and registered your 2024 WTCS Ambassador, we will follow up with her or him (and copy you), providing:

  • a letter of congratulations from System President Morna Foy;
  • a DRAFT Agenda for April 17-19; and
  • guidelines for preparing Ambassador Banquet remarks.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Are students in an apprenticeship program eligible to be a WTCS Ambassador?
A: Yes, apprenticeship students are eligible as long as they are able to attend the entire Ambassador Leadership Development and Banquet experience.

2024 Ambassador Deadlines

Please adhere to these deadlines:

March 1 - Ambassador Registration

March 8 - Leadership Development & Banquet Registration (Ambassadors/Coordinators ONLY - NO GUESTS SHOULD BE REGISTERED HERE)

March 15 - Upload at least one professional, print-resolution headshot of your Ambassador

March 16 - Hotel rooms will be released - make sure reservations are made prior to this date

April 1 - Banquet Registration (all attendees including guests EXCEPT for Ambassadors/Coordinators)

April 5 - Contact Stephanie if your Ambassador has schedule conflicts for Friday, April 19, so they can record their Individual Testimony early in the day.

Upcoming Event Dates

2024-2026 WTCS Ambassador Leadership Development and Banquet Location and Dates

Glacier Canyon Lodge, Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort, 45 Hillman Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Leadership Development - April 17-19
Banquet - April 18

Leadership Development - April 9-11
Banquet - April 10

Leadership Development - April 15-17
Banquet - April 16

Contact Us

Stephanie Glynn
Education Director, Student Success

Julie Drake
Principal Event Planner