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2024 Ambassadors

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Grace Koehler

Northcentral Technical College

Welding/Fabrication and Robotics

I always dreamed of attending a four-year university where I envisioned myself having the “traditional” college experience. As I neared my high school graduation, I felt a shift and my desire to be close to my family pulled me closer and I wanted to stay local. With close proximity to family and its affordable tuition, Northcentral Technical College checked all of the boxes, making it an easy choice. Both of my parents are NTC graduates and I knew the college offered a hands-on approach to higher education, which was important to me. What I really liked about NTC and technical education was the college’s commitment to serving the community and educating those that will contribute to the community in the future. Beyond that, NTC consistently strives for improvement, seeking to be one step ahead of industry and in return offers students an education that is high-quality, hands-on and learner-centric. They also offer a number of transfer opportunities so I will still earn my four-year degree in a way that fits my goals and priorities more completely.