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2023 Student Ambassadors

Mid State Olivia Schultz 5

Olivia Schultz

Mid-State Technical College


Choosing Mid-State Technical College turned out to be a game changer for me. Originally, I was just looking for the best school for my nursing degree, and although I was expecting to land on a four-year, that research led me instead to Mid-State. Once I started, I knew I’d made the right choice for so many reasons. I grew up in the country, so Mid-State felt like home—you walk in and everyone says hi to you. I went from being nervous that I wouldn’t fit in to feeling a confidence I’ve never felt in life. The fact that everyone at Mid-State sees me for who I am and understands and supports what I want to achieve has really brought me out of my shell. Being named a WTCS Student Ambassador is an honor and an opportunity to represent a whole community that can be pushed into the shadows because they don’t recognize their potential or believe they can succeed or even fit in at college. Mid-State has not only reflected back the best parts of me, it has provided a safe and nurturing environment to grow and develop in ways I never imagined. I can’t wait to share my story with students and help them discover what you can achieve in a truly supportive environment.