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2023 Student Ambassadors

Southwest Kyle Roesch

Kyle Roesch

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Electro-Mechanical Technology & Instrumentation and Controls Technology

Choosing Southwest Tech for me started with the location. It was within a 30-minute drive of my hometown, which meant lots of people I knew  would be enrolled there as well. Next, the cost of tuition was affordable for my income to manage. A two-year degree also meant I would get to the career I want to pursue sooner than a four-year degree, which comes with more real-world training opportunities. Lastly, after previously being  involved with Southwest Tech years ago, I knew this college had networking opportunities that would introduce me to multiple jobs. This meant rather than being set on just one or two jobs to choose from, Southwest Tech could assist in giving me options of careers to pursue, including ones I may not have considered before. Between job fairs held in spring and fall and employers meeting with students throughout the semester, including in-class face-to-face meetings or company tours off campus, this college can open your world up to many possibilities. Knowing that Southwest Tech was undoubtedly the college for me.