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2023 Student Ambassadors

Moraine Park Mailia Bachleitner

Mailia Bachleitner

Moraine Park Technical College

IT - Software Development

Like many students at a technical college, I am a non-traditional student. I will also be the first person in my family to earn a college degree. After high school, I did not have the mindset to continue my education. It was more important to me to work full-time so I could afford a place of my own. My decision to attend college didn’t come until ten years after high school. My life was already great. Despite marrying my best friend, buying a house, and having two children, something was still missing from my life. Having been promoted from an administrative assistant to a payroll role and then to a branch operations role, I no longer had any growth opportunities. It was time for me to pursue a college education to gain more career opportunities. In comparison to four-year universities, Moraine Park Technical College was more affordable. I was also able to complete my desired program online. For me, being a successful student also meant having smaller classes. As a mother and full-time employee, these advantages, as well as the support from those closest to me, encouraged me to pursue my dreams of becoming a software developer.