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2022 Student Ambassadors

Kayne Whitney Madison

Kayne Whitney

Madison College

Associate of Arts - Humanities

Choosing to continue my education at Madison College was one of the best decisions I have made. With the COVID pandemic haunting my financial situation and putting barriers on my education, I needed to find a safe and affordable college. In my junior year of high school, the pandemic began and education systems everywhere were struggling to adapt to the new situation. Some schools implemented an all-online version and other schools opted to teach fully in person. My high school was able to support an all-online format and for the rest of the year that would be the education style of students at Waunakee. During my senior year, however, our school developed a hybrid version. This allowed me to continue forming important relationships as well as learn in the in-person style for some classes, while other larger classes could be held online. This format helped me so much my senior year, and when I was searching for colleges, I was looking for something that had a hybrid option for students just like in high school. Madison College was the easy choice because it gave me the ability to pick and choose what classes I wanted to take in-person and online.