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2022 Student Ambassadors

Mati Terpstra SWTC

Mati Terpstra

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Medical Assistant

There are so many reasons why I knew Southwest Wisconsin Technical College was the right place for me. Southwest Tech has made it so affordable to get an education that is comparable to any four-year college. They not only have an affordable education plan, but housing as well. Being able to live in campus housing has taught me how to live everyday life on my own and prepare me for life out of college. It also helps that the college is close to my hometown. I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare, and touring Southwest Tech helped me finalize that decision. They have so many realistic resources in the health science center building that give you the best knowledge and understanding of how things work. Being able to have that hands-on experience was very important to me when looking for colleges. Lastly, the staff at Southwest Tech wants you to succeed. They are welcoming, helpful, and understanding within any aspect of the college life. I am so extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to be a student here at Southwest Tech for the past two years.