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IT program brings sibling CVTC grads closer

For the past two years, at the end of each semester, a pair of Chippewa Valley Technical College IT-Network Specialist students compared their grade reports. They weren’t just a couple of friends in the program asking one another how they did. This was a comparison with a familial edge to it.

Keri and Sean Bonfoey are sister and brother, and a pair of siblings with a reputation for fighting with one another. In the end, though, it’s all good between the new CVTC graduates.

Keri and Sean were among 839 graduates in 72 programs honored Friday, May 21, at the CVTC virtual Spring Graduation Celebration. They were among 24 IT-Network Specialist graduates. The largest group of graduates was 100 in the Nursing-Associate Degree program, followed by 54 in Business Management ad 41 in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement. Also honored were 12 students who completed their High School Equivalency Diploma since the previous graduation in December.

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