Board President's Message

“We are Futuremakers.”

To some, this might sound like a slick advertising slogan, but to us at the Wisconsin Technical College System, it is much more. It’s what drives us.

For students, it’s about gaining the skills, knowledge and abilities to rise to the top of your profession. For employers, it’s about having access to world-class employees that contribute to the company’s success. For taxpayers, it’s about investing in the workforce development that will drive Wisconsin’s economy successfully into the future.

At the end of the day, it’s less about what you aspire to do, and more about what you actually accomplish. At WTCS we accomplish a lot: 93% of our graduates are working within six months of graduation, and many have employment commitments long before graduation. Of those not working, 86% are continuing their education.

You see, our programs aren’t the end point, they’re the beginning. Whether you choose to begin your employment career after graduation, or continue your education in your chosen field, our career pathways provide you that flexibility.

WTCS knows that students need flexible options and great networking opportunities with employers. We’ve got you covered. Our agility in adapting to the needs of employers and students is unmatched in any other learning environment. This gives both students and employers a great advantage when they connect through WTCS.

We are so committed to the success of our students that we proposed and implemented a model through which a portion of our funding is based on college outcomes and those of their students. Since the inception of this program, WTCS students are enjoying continuous improvements in the outcomes they are experiencing. Higher compensation, more job offers, more choices… More Success!

Whether you are beginning your career, making a career change, or honing your skills and knowledge, our WTCS Colleges are here to serve. We want you to be our next success story!

S. Mark Tyler, President
Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Board