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Career Area: Arts, AudioVisual Technology and Communications
Associate Degree
Program Number: 10-206-1
Approximately 2 Years to Complete
Credit Program
Average Annual Tuition: $4230
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Visual Communications Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

Graphic Designer
Media Technician
Technical Director
Web Design Consultant
Senior Technician

Average Median Wage


Visual Communications Programs

The Visual Communications program provides training in the areas of art and design, photography, media production, and video and computer graphics, including computer animation techniques. The program brings together the design and production of a variety of media to meet current communications needs. Traditional audiovisual formats are produced in the form of video productions; computer-run multi-image slide shows with soundtracks; and special effects slides using an optical animation camera. Computer graphics, including page layout programs, photographic digital imaging and computer animation techniques, are an integral part of visual communications. Presentations are designed to run on the computer screen or be projected for audiences with large screen computer projection systems.

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Madison College Visual Communications at Madison College