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Career Area: Arts, AudioVisual Technology and Communications
Local Certificate
Program Number: 90-699-1
Credit Program
Most credit programs are eligible for financial aid, while most non-credit certificates provide valuable work-related skills on a short timeline. Check with the college offering the program to determine if it is eligible for financial aid.

Wisconsin Technical College Professional Communications Specialization Programs

The Gateway Technical College Professional Communications Specialization Certificate allows students to earn 12 credits in any Professional Communications courses focused on their areas of interest or a specialization. They demonstrate the basic research, planning, writing, design, and publishing skills needed by professional writers. They are able to create a range of information products for print and digital environments. Students have experience using professional authoring software, managing information projects, and evaluating the quality of information products. With this certificate and a degree, they can obtain employment as entry-level communications professionals.

Professional Communications Specialization Pathway Certificate Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Certificate
Gateway Professional Communications Specialization at Gateway