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Career Area: Manufacturing
Program Number: 999320
Credit Program

Wisconsin Technical College Industrial Engineering Certificate (13 cr.) Programs

The Industrial Engineering certificate is a 13-credit certificate designed to train persons in the field of industrial engineering and manufacturing production. Industrial Engineering Technicians work on problems involving the efficient use of personnel, materials, and machines in the production of goods and services. They are employed in a variety of businesses and industries, including the manufacture of goods and equipment of all kinds, food processing, health care facilities, and many others. This program is designed with the working student in mind and is offered as independent study. Access to many books and resource materials is provided by BTC. Use of these materials will require frequent visits to the campus. Some on-campus time for study, testing, and use of videotapes, etc., will also be required. These courses are offered in a self-paced format. Several of the courses are also available in a classroom setting.
Industrial Engineering Certificate (13 cr.) Pathway Certificate
Blackhawk Industrial Engineering Certificate (13 cr.) at Blackhawk