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Career Area: Marketing, Sales and Service
Associate Degree
Program Number: 10-138-1
Approximately 2 Years to Complete
Credit Program
Average Annual Tuition: $4230

Global Business Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

Customer Service Representative
Distribution Coordinator
Purchasing Agent
Export Specialist
International Customer Service

Average Median Wage


Global Business Programs

As business expands globally, the colleges offer you the full gamut of focused international trade training that is required. No stone is left unturned in assisting students to acquire the base of practical knowledge required to compete in global markets. Shared programs expand access to programs that are in high demand both by students and employers. It involves two or more colleges entering into a formal agreement, which identifies the program components that will be offered at the individual colleges. In some cases students may be asked to attend a college outside of their current district to fulfill the program requirements. For more information please contact one of the colleges listed above. They will be able to inform you which college is responsible for delivery of the program.

Global Business Part of a Career Pathway Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Program
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