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Career Area: Health Science
Local Certificate
Program Number: 99-520-7
Time to Completion Varies
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Gerontology Careers

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Activity Director

Activity Assistant

Wisconsin Technical College Gerontology Programs

The Gerontology Certificate is intended to give human service professionals a core function of classes centered on the aging population.

This certificate will benefit nurses, nursing assistants and physicians who provide care for the aging population, human service workers who plan to work with older adults and their families in residential care, long-term care, hospitals, clinics and community settings, occupational, recreation and physical therapists who help to optimize the older population’s ability to function well in their daily living and working environments and adult children of aging parents, older adults and general public who have a growing need for understanding the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of aging. 


  • Describe the role of geriatric assessment, health promotion and rehabilitation in client management
  • Understand the psychosocial aspects of aging across ethnic groups
  • Apply ethical decision-making process to personal and professional situations
  • Identify physical, mental and social issues related to aging
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