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Career Area: Hospitality and Tourism
Technical Diploma
Program Number: 30-109-4
Approximately Less Than 1 Year to Complete
Credit Program

Fitness and Wellness Specialist Careers

Average Median Salary


Fitness and Wellness Specialist Programs

Madison College's Fitness and Wellness Specialist Technical Diploma courses cover personal training, group fitness, wellness coaching and will show you how to develop employer sponsored wellness programs. You will learn basic nutrition principles as well as anatomy and physiology for exercise, body structure and function.  

To prepare you for the workforce you will have an opportunity to write your resume, practice interviewing and learn networking. In addition, you will learn general fiscal management and become familiar with forecasting cost and income, budgeting, fundraising and grant seeking.

The Fitness and Wellness Specialist diploma contains two American Council on Exercise (ACE) prep courses.  After completion you will be prepared to take the Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor certification exams.

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