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Career Area: Health Sciences
Program Number: TC-543-3
Credit Program

Wisconsin Technical College Emergency Department Nursing Programs

This certification is designed to expand the student's knowledge of nursing practice in the emergency nursing environment. This online and laboratory certificate specializing in Emergency Department Nursing gives participants the essential knowledge base required for assessment and initial management of the emergency patient. By gaining certification, participants not only validate competency, but also demonstrate a greater commitment to specialty and quality health care. This certificate focuses on determining priorities of care in the assessment of ill or injured emergency patients. Topics covered include: triage, assessment, and management of shock; fluid resuscitation; and stabilization of respiratory, neurological, thoracic, and abdominal injuries, basic EKG interpretation and ACLS. This certificate may lead to enhanced career advancement potential and/or employability in an emergency area. The laboratory component of the course is offered on the Eau Claire Health Education Center Virtual Medical Center, course number 543-166 (includes ACLS course and EKG basics). The clinical experiences will be offered at a variety of clinical facilities, course number 543-167. A certificate will be awarded upon completion of these courses. An alternative completion is 543-116 Nursing Clinical Transition and the lab course 543-166. Only offered in fall semester.


Emergency Department Nursing Pathway Certificate
Chippewa Valley Emergency Department Nursing at Chippewa Valley