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Career Area: Health Sciences
Program Number: TC-543-2
Credit Program

Wisconsin Technical College Critical Care Nursing Programs

This certificate is restricted to registered nurses with proof of an active license or Chippewa Valley Technical College Associate Degree Nursing program students who have successfully completed courses 543-109, 543-110, 543-111, and 543-112.

This certificate is designed to expand the student's knowledge of nursing practice in the critical care nursing environment. This certificate may lead to enhanced career advancement potential and/or employability in a critical or acute care area. The laboratory component of the course is offered in the Human Patient Simulation Laboratory at the Eau Claire Health Education Center. The theory component will be offered through web-based instruction. The clinical experiences will be offered at a variety of clinical facilities. A certificate will be awarded upon completion of 543-121 and 543-122 for registered nurses. Chippewa Valley Technical College Associate Degree Nursing students who complete 543-121 Introduction to Critical Care Nursing and 543-116 Nursing Clinical Transition in a critical care area are also eligible to receive the Critical Care Nursing Certificate.

Critical Care Nursing Pathway Certificate
Chippewa Valley Critical Care Nursing at Chippewa Valley