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Career Area: Law, Public Safety and Security
Credit Program

Wisconsin Technical College Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Academy Programs

The Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Academy prepares candidates for entry level law enforcement positions in the State of Wisconsin. This program is provided for sworn law enforcement personnel and civilian personnel to meet the pre-service training requirements identified by Wisconsin Statues and Wisconsin Administrative Code as written by Department of Justice/Training and Standards Bureau to be a law enforcement officer. 

Prospective candidates are required to meet the College's admission criteria, possess 60 college credits at time of application, possess a valid driver's license from their state of residence, pass a physical exam and meet physical fitness standards, and not have any felony, domestic violence convictions or mental health adjudications. Candidates will be required to submit to a criminal background investigation, driver's license check, a medical physical, and drug test. 

The 520 hour state-wide curriculum is a full-time training program, which occurs over 14 weeks during the summer months. The end of the academy culminates with scenario testing, which is graded on a "pass/fail" basis. Pre-service and Sworn students need to successfully complete the scenario testing to obtain certifiability or certification. Sworn law enforcement officers become "certified" upon successful completion of the academy and approval by the DOJ Standards Board. Pre-service students earn "certifiability" upon successful completion of the academy and have three years to obtain a sworn law enforcement position to become certified.

Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Academy Pathway Certificate
Western Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Academy at Western