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Career Area: Manufacturing
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Wisconsin Technical College CNC Operator-Internal Programs

The CNC Operator Certificate is designed to address the need of manufacturers for entry-level operators of computer numerical control (CNC) machines. This course teaches learners to perform minor setups and to operate CNC milling machines and CNC turning machines. Employers have stated that CNC operators must have math, print reading, measurement, and inspection skills. This certificate provides these important skills. The math and print reading courses are team taught by an occupational instructor and an adult basic education instructor. Classes are held four days a week for eight weeks. Participants must complete out-of-class "homework" assignments to pass these courses. Entry into this program requires completion of the application process, including the submission of a resume, and interview with faculty, attendance at an orientation, and a math assessment.

CNC Operator-Internal Pathway Certificate
Western CNC Operator-Internal at Western