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Career Area: Education and Training
Program Number: 40-502-9
Credit Program

Barber/Cosmetology Instructor Careers

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  • Barber/Cosmetology Instructor

Wisconsin Technical College Barber/Cosmetology Instructor Programs

The Barber/Cosmetology Instructor certificate prepares the student to take the State of Wisconsin examination to become a licensed Barber or Cosmetology Instructor. To apply for the examination, students must successfully complete the 150 hours of required coursework, hold a current Wisconsin license in the Barber or Cosmetology profession, and possess 2,000 hours of experience in the Barber or Cosmetology field. Through the completion of this program, students will acquire the knowledge, both practical and theoretical, along with the skills necessary to teach new students entering the Barber or Cosmetology professions.

Barber/Cosmetology Instructor Pathway Certificate
Nicolet College Barber/Cosmetology Instructor at Nicolet College