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Career Area: Manufacturing
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Program Number: TC-420-1
Credit Program
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Wisconsin Technical College Advanced Machining - Swiss Programs

This (9 credit) certificate will provide the student instruction on the fundamentals of Swiss style CNC machines including; basic history, terms and definitions, basic Swiss machine operation, part processing, manual and computer supported part programming, as well as CAD/CAM programming with simulation and program analysis. Swiss style machining is a unique type of turning center in which a sliding head stock pushes material through a guide bushing and past stationary tools to create very accurate complex shapes and is very adequate for machining parts at the micro level. Live rotary cross tools create secondary features, such as holes or slots, and other geometries that would normally require multiple machines and setups. Multiple spindled machine tools, such as Swiss style machining centers, enable parts to be completely machined in one setup. Medical devices, electronic devices, and aerospace components are a great fit for this type of technology. These machine tools regularly apply exotic materials such as titanium, nickel, stainless steel alloys. This highly specialized advanced machine training will benefit individuals who are highly motivated thinkers who have the desire to explore the Swiss machining market as an employer or employee.


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