Student Profiles


Lindsay Franklin, Blackhawk Technical College - Business Management
I chose Blackhawk because of its flexible educational offerings and supportive campus environment. Blackhawk is not just a college, it’s a community, one driven toward the success of our students and preparing them for the future. As a Business Management major and student organization leader, I strive to create a solid foundation for students in leadership, communication and innovative initiatives.
Amanda McKay, Chippewa Valley Technical College - Marketing
I first attended CVTC right out of high school but lacked degree focus. However, during that one semester, I got involved. This led to connections with staff and the development of leadership skills. I then spent 9 months working in a factory and 2 years as a flight attendant. It was during this time I realized my passion was marketing. It was obvious re-enrolling at CVTC was the right choice for me to achieve my goals. I’m involved again in Student Life and as a Student Ambassador. CVTC remains the right place for me to make a difference in my life and those around me.
Thong Xiong, Fox Valley Technical College - Early Childhood Education
Fox Valley Technical College was more affordable than a four-year college or university and since I had been out of school for a long time, it was a better option for returning. The bonds I have found at Fox Valley Tech have made it feel like home. The instructors and advisors care and show me compassion. Everyone goes out of their way to help me become successful and achieve my goals.
Keydi Osorio, Gateway Technical College - Marketing
Through financial obstacles in my life, it was hard to find a college that would help me obtain a degree. By enrolling at Gateway, it gave me an opportunity to take advantage of college classes in a cost-efficient way. I genuinely thank Gateway for giving me a chance to follow my dream career with open doors to achieve my main goal in life.
Tsion Purtell, Lakeshore Technical College - Early Childhood Education
One of the main reasons I chose LTC is because I knew my instructor would know my name. Small classes and hands-on instruction were important to me. I was also interested in getting involved in student clubs and Student Government, something I didn't do in high school. Finally, I needed help to pay for college and I received an LTC Promise Scholarship, which covers costs that financial aid and other funding doesn't, making it possible for me to be a college student.
Andrea Long, Madison College - Liberal Arts Transfer
When I first decided to pursue postsecondary education, I had no idea where to begin. Having taken a 13-year hiatus from education, I was nervous and overwhelmed. The enrollment process at Madison College was easy to navigate.
The flexibility of when, where and how classes could be taken was an absolute selling point.
Dakota Lockhart, Mid-State Technical College - Nursing
As a four-year transfer student, I was looking for a college more interested in the practicality of the degree, rather than its status. In technical colleges, including Mid-State, the focus is on the students and what is in their best interests. I am confident as a Mid-State student that once I complete my program and receive my degree, I will be instilled with the knowledge and skills required for my field of study, and I will be readily employable because that is the goal of the technical college.
Hunter Burazin, Milwaukee Area Technical College - Electronic Engineering Technology
The most important reason I chose MATC was its transfer agreement with the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). Being able to get an education in this environment, and then transfer to a 4-year college, is very beneficial. I love the benefits and support at MATC, and it has really helped to get into the mode of being a successful college student before I get to a 4 year institution. While attending MATC, I have also used a program that allows me to see a life coach. This is also a reason I love attending MATC.
Aurelio Rosas, Moraine Park Technical College - Medical Office Management
I enrolled in Moraine Park Technical College’s medical programs because I could obtain an affordable and valuable education in a short amount of time. Also, the hands-on learning and the one-to-one interaction with my instructors at Moraine Park was very important and appealing to me. You get to know the instructor and the instructor gets to know you rather than a four-year college where you are with 40-plus students, which can make it difficult to get the instructor's attention or help.
John Graetz, Nicolet College - IT Computer Support Specialist
I decided to change careers around the time I moved to Minocqua. I’ve always liked working with people and technology. I decided to apply to Nicolet after a campus tour. I was amazed that such an educational opportunity existed in northern Wisconsin. I decided to enroll after discussing the IT program with my Academic Advisor. Education is a powerful tool in life.
Tom Nienow, Northcentral Technical College - Nursing
I was originally attending a four-year college, but it did not feel right. I was going through the motions and barely thinking about my career or even if it was the right career path for me. I wanted to find a career path I was excited about, and that is what I found with NTC. I found a college experience that is career-focused and determined to teach students the skills necessary for the workplace.
Ronald Zittlow, Jr., Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Marketing
Of course, there are many reasons I enrolled at NWTC, including family, success, and a challenge in life. Mainly, it’s an opportunity to give my family the lives I feel they deserve, as well as making more time for family. Another reason is because I can position myself to be more successful than I could without higher education. In addition, I’m the type of person that needs to be challenged on a regular basis. I tend to feel like I’m failing when I’m not accomplishing new tasks that I’ve never been challenged with in the past.
Melissa Arevalo, Southwest Tech - Culinary Arts
A main reason I enrolled at Southwest Tech is because it is close to home. I also appreciate the affordability and the fact that it has such incredible reviews. Since I have been a student here, I’ve found so many more incredible reasons to validate my choice. The staff and instructors are phenomenal and I’ve been given so many leadership opportunities that have allowed me to grow as a person and enrich this beautiful college that I am proud to attend.
Max Czechowski, Waukesha County Technical College - Automation Systems Technology
In high school, I attended WCTC’s Dual Enrollment Academy, which allowed me to get a jump-start on my education. I enrolled as a full-time student after high school to complete the degree because I enjoyed the hands-on skills that you gain on state-of-the-art equipment. The instructors are some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met and they root for your success. Every day, I’m excited to attend class because I know I will learn something new and exciting!
Alyssa Boardman, Western Technical College - Human Resource Management
When I started, I planned to take courses at Western and then transfer. It was a smart financial option and would allow me to take time to figure out my career plans. Growing up in La Crosse, I had many people in my life who shared positive experiences of Western. When I started my courses, I was so impressed that I felt welcome. My instructors wanted to build connections with me, they wanted to get to know me, and they cared about who I was inside and outside of the classroom.
Chelsi Pacholke, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College - Early Childhood Education
I enrolled at WITC because it was affordable, flexible, career-focused and close, so I’m able to stay in my home. Not only do I save money on housing, but my entire two years at WITC will cost less than one semester at a four-year college. A main reason I chose WITC was because I feel it is education with a purpose. At WITC I enrolled in classes that are geared toward my profession and by the end of my time, I will graduate with experience and skills in early childhood.