2014 Ambassadors

Andrea Gruner, Blackhawk Technical College, Culinary Arts
I enrolled in Blackhawk Technical College to pursue a Culinary Arts degree after my place of employment closed its doors. I wanted to go to college so I could be an example for my family and make them proud. I have realized through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. BTC provided me with the opportunity to achieve my dream of becoming a chef.
Cody Stauner, Chippewa Valley Technical College, Industrial Technician
I chose to enroll in Chippewa Valley Technical College because I was looking for a school that held a high reputation and employment rate. I wanted a college where I could get the knowledge and hands-on training that employers are looking for. CVTC had a very unique campus where I felt right at home and was filled with state-of-the-art equipment that is found in industry today.
Charlotte Orr, Fox Valley Technical College, Accounting
After being promoted as highly through the ranks of two separate jobs as someone without a bachelor’s degree could be, I decided it was time to go back to school to officially start my career. Technical college was the perfect choice as I needed to train with business professionals in a small classroom without accumulating a lifetime of debt! The focused, specialized education I have received will serve as the perfect foundation as I go on to earn dual bachelor degrees in actuarial science and mathematics, a master’s degree and perhaps a doctorate.
Jacquita Hughes, Gateway Technical College, Human Services
I enrolled in Gateway because I wanted a career. It was affordable and scheduling classes to fit my home life routine worked. I also love the fact that I’m able to serve my community through Gateway. I definitely wanted my daughters to see what having a great education can do.
Velyi Lor, Lakeshore Technical College, Marketing
After attending a university for a year, I realized that I needed a hands-on learning environment. I searched for a college that offered hands-on learning as well as it being affordable, and I found that and more at LTC. Flexibility in class schedules, large numbers of student organizations, and activities and free career workshops have helped me succeed in all my classes. I am glad that I chose a technical college that is with me every step of the way on my education and career path.
Pauline Chavez-Hemaidan, Madison Area Technical College, Business
I chose to attend a technical college because it allowed me to complete two years of high-quality education for a fraction of the average cost. As a transfer student, this greatly reduced my student debt and allows me to use my savings toward completing my bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution. The valuable partnerships between Madison College and Edgewood College has made my transition so easy; it allows me to focus on completing my education instead of stressing about transfer costs and paperwork.
Jesse Rabehl, Mid-State Technical College, Business Management
I enrolled in a technical college after hearing that they had a more hands-on education. I learn the best through one-on-one interaction in classrooms, and I knew technical schooling would fill my needs better than a university. I also enrolled because I wanted to be able to work while attending school. MSTC fits around work schedules better than universities because of the amount of possibilities in class choices, such as ITV, in-person and online. MSTC has also prepared me to directly enter the workforce in the business field by learning the necessary information needed – not just theories and ideas. Instead, they have taught me computer skills and necessary business skills.
Deana M. Johnson, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Criminal JusticeOne of the most attractive assets of the technical college system is the exceptional faculty. Most of the instructors have had careers in the fields of study they teach, which offers a real-world experience to the course. The faculty’s willingness to offer advice, knowledge, guidance and support has given me the confidence that I will be successful in my new career.
Kim Dickinson, Moraine Park Technical College, Business Management-Supervision
I decided to enroll at Moraine Park as a full-time student after being in the workforce for 30 years. I needed a job chance and I didn’t want to go to another entry-level job where you only need a high school diploma to apply. With the support of my wonderful husband, I am realizing a dream I never knew I had. I love learning and I love doing it at Moraine Park.
Carl Anderson, Nicolet College, Computer Programming/Network Support
After coming into recovery, I knew I had to focus on a more positive outlet. I have always had a passion for learning, and I felt that Nicolet would be a great fit because of the proximity to my home and what I had heard about relationships that staff and student were able to build. I also knew that I wanted to study a field that I could develop into a career. I have been able to find all of that at Nicolet.
Sheng Xiong, Northcentral Technical College, Nursing
After being in the workforce for many years, I decided that furthering my education was the best option for professional and financial success. NTC was the best option for me because it provided a local education with a specialized degree in a reasonable time frame. The hands-on education has been pivotal in my academic success, and leadership development opportunities are always readily available. Because I took advantage of these opportunities, I was able to grow in ways I never imagined.
Jennifer L. Ross, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Supply Chain Management
My journey to NWTC began when I returned from a Combat Brigade Warrior Transition Unit and was told I most likely would not be able to hold a long-term career or job in the civilian world. I was bound and determined to prove them wrong. I not only wanted to prove it to myself, but to my children, veterans and everyone that no matter what your challenges, everyone can be successful with determination. It took me over a year, because of my PTSD, in order to be able to enroll in NWTC, and it was the best thing I have ever done. I am now extending this journey by coming back and instructing the “Veterans in the Classroom” that will be available this fall.
Benjamin Groonwald, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Golf Course Management
I enrolled in a technical college for several reasons. For one, I chose a tech college because of the hands-on learning that is provided, Secondly, I chose it because of the small class sizes. Finally, I chose a tech college because they promote professionalism and integrity.
Ladaphone Scott, Waukesha County Technical College, Medical Assistant and Nursing
After a tremendous amount of research and soul searching, I came to the conclusion that returning to school at Waukesha County Technical College was the right choice for me. When I came back to school, my two children were under the age of three, so I needed a school that was going to be able to accommodate my hectic life. My search for a school with a great nursing program yielded WCTC as the top-notch technical college. I also did not want to attend a school that would see me as a number; I wanted a more enriching experience. These are just a few reasons why I chose a technical college.
Krista Durnin, Western Technical College, Administrative Professional
I chose a technical college because I wanted to make a career change and wanted my education to focus on my new career. Western Technical College offered me the opportunity to ease out of my former career and back into school life while still being able to take care of my son and be able to get involved on campus.
Riley Christensen, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, Telecommunication Technology
I picked the telecommunications degree because it’s an inexpensive degree that doesn’t limit you to a single field. I picked the Rice Lake Campus because it’s closer to my house and gas is cheaper than rent. I like the atmosphere of smaller schools where teachers can spend more time with individual students.