2012 Ambassadors

Silvia M. Shepherd, Blackhawk Technical College, Legal Administrative Professional
Enrolling in a technical college gives you the opportunity to grow and challenge yourself. There will always be someone there to help you succeed and more importantly, it gives you the wings to grow. Technical colleges are the stones for a better future.
Jason Laufenberg, Chippewa Valley Technical College, Accounting
I was in a career I loved when it was abruptly sent overseas. Being a dislocated worker I had an excellent opportunity to complete my degree, allowing me to better provide for my three children. In CVTC I have found talented instructors who possess relevant field experience, staff that are genuinely concerned with the success of students and a program that is in high demand. I am very confident in my prospects of finding a great career with the education and opportunity I have found at CVTC.
Brittany Wiedow, Fox Valley Technical College, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse & Business Management
I began my academic career with Fox Valley Technical College in 2007. I did not begin my career in search of higher education; I enrolled in the GED program. I had dropped out of high school in my last year semester, due to circumstances out of my control. I decided to join the ARMY and the only thing standing in my way was a diploma or GED. I am now an ARMY Veteran and pursuing my goal of becoming a counselor. FVTC provides quality education, incredible student support and many opportunities to get involved in the community. I have not only learned a great deal about the profession I am going into, but also a lot about myself. I have enjoyed every class I have taken and value everything FVTC has to offer. I am excited to continue this journey in earning my associate’s degree.
Randall J. Delaney, Gateway Technical College, Technical Communications & Accounting
I wanted to change my life in some way. I’ve always had an interest in education. I chose a technical college because I knew I could get a degree that would go to good use.
Matthew Antes, Lakeshore Technical College, IT-Web & Software Developer
I currently work in a manufacturing environment and was looking to attend classes and pursue a degree at a school that was familiar with the needs of students who have to balance academics with current employment, as well as family life. It is necessary for me to continue my current employment to survive, yet I greatly desire to gain a marketable skill in a growing field at the same time. In LTC, I finally found an educational institution filled with instructors, advisors and staff who understand what it means to work full-time and attend school full-time, as well as top-notch curriculums and facilities that are cutting-edge and relevant – and all of this within 30 minutes of home and work. Now I am well on my way to a web development degree, working in a rapidly developing field, doing something I love to do – and I have LTC to thank!
Ousmane Kabre, Madison Area Technical College, Liberal Arts
As an international student, I did research and learned that technical colleges have wonderful resources and great support systems. Although technical colleges have large enrollments, they have small groups of students in each classroom. Class schedules are flexible and technical colleges are a good economic investment.
Veronica Loftus, Mid-State Technical College, Criminal Justice-Corrections
I chose to go back to school because I wanted to be a role model to my kids. I tell them how important having an education is, and now I can back-up those statements when I graduate. I also wanted to go back to school so I had something to be proud of and to know that I could go back to school after so many years of being out of it and succeed. My final reason for enrolling into school was that I wanted to change my career path. I was previously working in manufacturing but now my goal is to work with juveniles and try to make a difference.
Michael J. Anderson, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Computer Simulation & Gaming and IT Programmer/Analyst
MATC is the only school located in the area to offer an education in computer simulation and gaming. My goal is to own my own software development student and create entertainment software, so MATC is an affordable option to help me reach my goals.
Lee C. McClendon IV, Moraine Park Technical College, Culinary Arts
I enrolled in technical college because I wanted to follow my passion in the food industry. Technical colleges give me the opportunity to learn hands-on techniques in my career.
Maria Watts, Nicolet College, University Transfer Program
I wanted to have smaller class sizes so I could go and ask the instructor for help if I needed to. Getting to live at home for a few more years to save money and also spend more time with my family was also another big reason, finally, I wanted to go to a technical college because I would be able to take all my general education classes before I go to Northern Michigan University.
Penny Block, Northcentral Technical College, Health Care Business Services
I believe that starting at a technical college is the forefront to getting your education. It is really the core of your learning with hands-on experiences. The atmosphere is very welcoming.
Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Marketing and Graphic Arts
I fell in love with the campus and people while I worked here part-time. I took a couple of classes as I figured out what I wanted to do for a career. I knew from that point that I would stay at NWTC and become an alumna one day.
Aaron Rondon, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, Golf Course Management
I came to Southwest Technical College to start a new life. I wasn’t satisfied with the direction my life was going in my hometown so I used this as an opportunity to make a fresh start. I enrolled at Southwest Tech for the Golf Course Management Program because it is the only school in the state that offers it and I’d heard that is had a 100% placement rate after graduation.
Martin Pierce, Waukesha County Technical College, Hotel and Restaurant Management
I chose to attend a technical college because I wanted the individual attention and support that a technical college can provide. After working for several years and feeling completely unfulfilled, I knew I had to make some changes. I came to WCTC and my entire life changed in an instant. As a first-year student, I was given opportunities that I never could have imagined. I have great confidence that upon completion of a degree I will have no trouble entering the work force. From the instructor support, the friendly and fun environment, as well as the campus resources, I feel that attending WCTC was the best decision that I could have made in my education. I will be eternally grateful for my experience here, and the new life that I have because of WCTC.
Jessica Klinkner, Western Technical College, Marketing
The reason why I chose Western Technical College was because of distance from my home. I wanted to be close to home and my family. The second reason was I wanted to receive a quality education at an affordable price. Lastly, Western Technical College offered my preferred program and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.
Gladys Montalvo, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, Accounting
I chose WITC because of the teaching style used which consists of small to medium classroom sizes, and one-on-one teacher-to-student time. Also, instructors teach by examples and practice rather than reading directly from a textbook. WITC also offers a friendly environment which helps a student feel comfortable and recognized.