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The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) is the coordinating agency for the state’s 16 technical colleges. The board of the WTCS establishes statewide policies and standards for the educational programs and services provided by the 16 technical college districts that cover the state. The district boards, in turn, are responsible for the direct operation of their respective schools and programs. They are empowered to levy property taxes, provide for facilities and equipment, employ staff and contract for services. The districts set academic and grading standards, appoint the district directors, hire instructional and other staff, and manage the district budget.

The WTCS supervises district operations through reporting and audit requirements and consultation, coordination and support services. It sets standards for building new schools and adding to current facilities. It also provides assistance to districts in meeting the needs of target groups, including services for the disadvantaged, the disabled, women, dislocated workers, the incarcerated and minorities.

The WTCS also administers state and federal aids. It works with the Department of Public Instruction to coordinate secondary and postsecondary vocational and technical programs. It also cooperates with the University of Wisconsin System to establish coordinated programming and credit transfer programs. The WTCS also cooperates with the Department of Workforce Development to provide training for apprentices.

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