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Office of Student Development and Assessment

Willa Panzer, Associate Vice President

The Office of Student Development and Assessment provides leadership and administers a wide variety of programs and services in a number of areas related to supporting student learning and improving student success. It also supports the work of the technical colleges in providing comprehensive, balanced services to the remarkable diversity of students that come to their doors.

Student Development and Assessment works with the colleges to develop and implement policies and programs related to student service functions such as admissions, student financial aid, job placement services, and facilitating credit transfer. It also coordinates initiatives to support student populations of special interest, including students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, minority students, displaced homemakers, single parents, and individuals preparing for nontraditional training and employment. It administers the federal Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Act and state grant programs related to providing such services.

The Office coordinates the System’s federal and state grant processes.

This office leads the system’s Adult Basic Education programs, which include basic education, adult secondary education, English language learners, and workplace basic education; including the administration of the federal Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, and several state grant programs.

The Office also represents the technical colleges at the state level in working with the Department of Public Instruction and K-12 school districts to strengthen career and technical education for secondary students and improve the transition from high school to technical college programs. The Office administers the Carl Perkins Act Tech Prep program.

Student Development and Assessment coordinates system activities that are related to workforce development initiatives and programs involving other state, local and regional partners. For example, the Office supports the System President and the WTCS Board in activities coordinated with the Governor’s Council on Workforce Investment.

The Office has responsibilities concerning institutional research, performance accountability, and evaluation. It develops and operates college- and program-level performance evaluation systems, fulfills many of the WTCS Board’s reporting and accountability obligations, coordinates and prepares reports on systemwide graduate and employer follow-up studies, prepares other regular and ad hoc reports describing student characteristics, enrollment and outcomes, and engages in other research and evaluation activities with other offices and the technical colleges.

The Office of Student Development and Assessment reports to the WTCS Provost and Vice President of Student Success.

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