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Message from President Daniel Clancy. . .

Daniel Clancy Thank you for your interest in the Wisconsin Technical College System. This site introduces the Wisconsin Technical College Administration and is a portal to 16 colleges around the system. The technical colleges jointly serve over 450,000 Wisconsin residents each year, or about one in every nine adults. Whether you are here just browsing, seeking details about our governance, instructional areas, online courses or statistics about WTCS students, one thing you should know is that in support of our students, business and industry, the Wisconsin Technical College System is putting communities first.

Our colleges are the doorway to better opportunities and higher wages. There are more than 300 programs statewide, which are training our workforce – from police officers to dairy herd managers, to nurses, to flexographic printers and the other most in-demand programs around the state.

Higher wages result in a higher tax base and with more than two-thirds of careers today requiring a technical degree, our programs are a major factor in economic development. The technical colleges provide the skilled workforce needed to bring new business and technology to Wisconsin.

As you browse the site, you’ll get an idea of the types of services we provide to students, as well as business and industry, and how, through these services, we’re contributing not just to the quality of life in our communities, but to the economic development of the state.

Daniel Clancy
Wisconsin Technical College System

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