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For immediate release:   March 2, 2011
Contacts:   Morna Foy, 608-266-2449,
                Kyle Schwarm, 608-266-0050,

Wisconsin Technical College System President’s
Statement on the 2011-13 State Budget Proposal

Dan Clancy, President of the Wisconsin Technical College System made the following statement about the Governor’s 2011-13 Budget Bill:

The Governor’s proposed $71.6 million in technical college aid cuts, combined with new property tax restrictions in the 2011-13 Budget Bill, are likely to curtail technical college services to employers and students across Wisconsin. This comes at a time when the need for these services has never been greater. The majority of new jobs created in Wisconsin in the next decade will require the skills earned through technical college degree and certificate programs. The ability of state employers to sustain new growth is dependent on their access to a skilled workforce. Thousands of displaced Wisconsin workers need retraining to succeed in the jobs being created in emerging and rapidly changing industries.

Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges have always relied on a balanced, stable partnership between the state, local taxpayers and students. This relationship provides employers with skilled workers and creates real economic opportunity for individuals, ultimately bolstering the state economy. The Governor’s Biennial Budget proposal would put state funding for technical education at a dollar level not seen since the late 1980s, despite WTCS enrollments growth of 40 percent in the last decade.

Technical college graduates are critical to building a strong future for our state, which the Governor recognized by preserving current financial aid funding for WTCS students. As the state’s budget development process moves forward, we will work with the Legislature and the Governor on options that recognize and foster the economic development potential of flexible, responsive technical college education.

Dan Clancy is President of the Wisconsin Technical College System and serves on the National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges, an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges.