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WTCS Related Bill Tracking for the 2011-13 Legislative Session

Subject Legislation

Accessible Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities

AB 322, SB 485

Administration of Medication to Pupils by a Licensed School Nurse

AB 62, SB 45

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Grant

AB 187, SB 121

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Grants for Technical Colleges (Special Session)

AB 4, SB 4

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Grants for Technical Colleges

AB 97, SB 40

Barbering and Cosmetology Licensing

AB 658, SB 489

Boundary Changes between Marquette and Green Lake Counties

AB 113, SB 80

Concealed Carry of Firearms

AB 126, SB 90

Concealed Carry of Firearms

SB 93

Educational Approval Board

AB 427

Exempting Capital Expenditures from Referendum

SB 132

Fee Remission for Veterans or Dependents Enrolled in the UW System or a Technical College

AB 133, SB 53

Financial Aid Commission

AB 144

Financial Literacy Information for Students

AB 631

Geothermal Well Drilling

AB 201, SB 156

Individual Income Tax Deduction for Graduates of a Wisconsin College or University

AB 33

Levy Limits

AB 140

Marketing Credit Cards to Students

AB 340, SB 258

Membership on Technical College District Boards

AB 353, SB 275

Minnesota-Wisconsin Student Reciprocity

AB 141

State Budget Bill

AB 40, SB 27

State Budget Repair Bill

AB 11, SB 11

Talent Incentive Grants

AB 142

Vocational High School Diploma (Special Session)

AB 18, SB 18

Vocational High School Diploma

AB 447, SB 335

Voter ID - Using College Issued Identification

AB 460

Voter ID for University, College or Technical College Students

AB 639, SB 481

Voter ID

AB 7

WiscNet Telecommunications Services

AB 473, SB 375

Wisconsin Higher Education Grant (WHEG)

AB 143

Wisconsin Jobs Initiative

AB 343, SB 236

Workforce Advancement Training Program Grants

AB 431, SB 316

Workforce Advancement Training Program Grants

AB 431

Workforce Growth Grants to Technical College Districts

AB 398

Workforce Training Program

AB 575

For more information contact:  Morna Foy - or (608) 266-2449

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