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Career Pathways

   Wisconsin Career Pathways

Youth Career Pathways

Rigorous "Programs of Study" provide an avenue to skilled jobs for high school students. These youth career pathways are organized within the National Career Cluster Framework™ and allow high school students to earn postsecondary credits, accelerating the attainment of industry-recognized postsecondary credentials for jobs ranging from Accounting to Automotive Tech, and Engineering to Health Sciences.

An interactive web-based tool has been created to serve as the portal for all students’ career planning activities, including academic career plans, interest inventories and assessments.  The site displays labor market projections for over 1000 occupations as well as links students to prospective post-secondary options within their chosen cluster.  This multi-facetted website is the tool for building Programs of Study in Wisconsin.  School districts are able to research the essential programs of study necessary for their region and construct them electronically.  This process provides the foundation for the student piece.  The newest addition to the website is the counselor section.  This enable high school counselors the opportunity to view the activities for each of their students in order to collaborate on career planning.

The number of high schools participating in articulation agreements for transcripted credit – which allows students to carry credits forward on their postsecondary transcript – has nearly tripled since the 2006-07 academic year. This growth reflects both increased student interest and the WTCS focus on promoting career pathway opportunities. Your local Career Prep Coordinator can provide more information on all aspects of Career Clusters and Pathways. Learn more about Wisconsin Career Pathways. (External Site)

For more information contact:  Ann Westrich - or 608-261-4588

Adult Career Pathways

With initial funding from the Joyce Foundation’s "Shifting Gear"” program, Wisconsin embarked on a major initiative to link education and job training with employer needs in critical industry sectors. The Regional Industry Skills Education (RISE) project is engaged in state level policy change and regional program innovation. The goal: stronger state and regional support for adult "career pathways" providing workers with stepping stones to skills and credentials that Wisconsin’s driver industries and regional employers demand. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, the Wisconsin Technical College System, local workforce boards and employer partners are leading a statewide effort, building on local Wisconsin models and drawing on national expertise, to make career pathways a more central part of the state’s education and job training systems.

The Wisconsin Career Pathways/RISE initiative has emerged as a national leader in the development of adult career pathways, in which courses taken for one credential automatically build to the next. Career Pathways include certificates, Technical Diplomas, and Associate Degrees, and the most promising also include “career pathway bridges” as an on-ramp for basic education students and English Language Learners.

Since 2010, adult career pathways have been implemented for jobs in IT Network Systems, Industrial Maintenance, Culinary Management, and Mechanical Design etc., with dozens more in development. In addition, more than 40 career pathway bridges have been developed leading to jobs in welding, metal fabrication, and nursing. Learn more about the Wisconsin Career Pathways/RISE initiative.  (External Site)

For more information contact:  Amy Charles - or 608-266-0025

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