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WTCS Board

Message from Board President Drew Petersen . . .

Drew Petersen
Welcome to the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Our colleges are at the absolute heart of workforce, economic, community, and personal development throughout Wisconsin. We’re certain to stay there, too, as more than 50 percent of careers over the next decade will require education and skills beyond high school, but not available at most four-year colleges and universities.

What makes us unique are our deep, long-standing partnerships with employers in business, manufacturing, health care, protective services, information technology, the trades and nearly every other sector of our state’s economy.

These partnerships guide our colleges in developing relevant programs that address current and emerging careers, and they allow us to integrate the latest technology and methods into our curriculum.

Our colleges have also formed dynamic collaborations with K 12 schools and with Wisconsin’s public and private colleges and universities. These relationships result in strong educational foundations and allow students to leverage the WTCS experience into future education and career advancement.

The result? Graduates who are qualified to contribute immediately and at a high level, as evidenced by graduate job placement rates that routinely near 90 percent.

Whether you are a student or employer, the Wisconsin Technical College System has more than a century of proven success in serving customers just like you, delivering opportunities for career success or business growth.

Your future starts here.

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